Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the term used to refer to a software solution that gathers information from sources that contain business information. This information is processed and analysed to give a view of the business, that is valuable to its

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics makes use of mathematical and statistical methods and algorithms to create new information, identify patterns or predict outcomes. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence form part of advanced analytics and there is currently very high demand for these skills.

Software Development

Everyone at Burbank Capital are fundamentally technologists. We are passionate about technology and the value that it can bring to all businesses. We have created multiple software solutions from the ground up. This includes bespoke solutions that we created for

Burbank Capital

What we do

Burbank is a leading provider of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. We provide consulting services and bespoke software solutions to Small Businesses and Large Enterprises.



Business Intelligence

The amount of data that is being generated has grown exponentially. Business Intelligence and MIS helps you to make sense of your data. This is a core competency for us, as we believe that good Business Intelligence is an essential part of managing any business.

We specialize in providing Analytics solutions to our clients. We have certified Business Intelligence experts that focus on Qlik (Qlikview and Qlik Sense) and Microsoft Power BI.

Predictive Analytics

We create custom software and predictive analytics solutions. Our highly trained specialists are skilled in machine learning and artificial intelligence.  We work with clients to elicit their requirements and then create custom solutions to meet their needs. We use data science techniques and tools to extract value and business insights from your data.

See Services page for more details.


Burbank Capital operates a long short equity investing fund. The Burbank Capital fund utilizes advanced quantitative techniques, to make systematic investing decisions. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, to create a trading system, takes the emotion out of the decision making process and yields better more consistent results. Please contact us, if you would like to learn more about the Burbank Capital Investment fund.