Advanced analytics makes use of mathematical and statistical methods and algorithms to create new information, identify patterns or predict outcomes. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence form part of advanced analytics and there is currently very high demand for these skills.

The most successful advanced analytics projects, are usually ones where the desired outcome is very specific and the problem well defined. Using generic tools that provide a one size fits all answer, is usually a poor fit for the problem and does not solve the problem effectively. This is why we  create custom advanced analytics solutions for clients. We work with clients to ensure that the problem is well defined and understood and then create a custom built software solution for the problem. We test various algorithms to find the best solution.

We have created solutions to solve the following advanced analytics:

  • Demand forecasting (Regression models)
  • Product recommender systems
  • Facial Recognition (using convolutional neural networks – convnets)
  • Client grouping / clustering (unsupervised learning)

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have seen a real resurgence in popularity recently. This is mostly due to the technology catching up to the math and making solutions feasible that weren’t computationally feasible a couple of years ago. Please contact us if you have a ML or AI project that you require a custom built solution for.