Top monthly performer: Lonmin (LON)

Price Movements

Top Monthly Performers
Ticker Name Price Move
LON Lonmin R5.90 31.11% up
NPN Naspers R2030.62 16.5% up
MDC Mediclinic R121.30 13.36% up
MSM Massmart R123.76 13.27% up
REM Remgro R278.58 12.12% up
OML Old Mutual R44.57 12.1% up
BVT Bidvest R353.99 10.64% up
CFR Richemont R116.84 10.38% up
SAB SABMiller R823.60 10.02% up
TBS Tiger Brands R327.37 9.12% up
Worst Monthly Performers
Ticker Name Price Move
KIO Kumba Iron Ore R77.00 -20.84% down
HAR Harmony Gold R10.25 -15.98% down
AGL Anglo American R125.71 -14.04% down
ARI African Rainbow R61.19 -11.32% down
AMS Anglo Platinum R268.77 -7.96% down
ACL Arcelor Mittal R9.08 -7.16% down
SHP Shoprite R152.25 -4.32% down
EXX Exxaro R61.35 -4.14% down
APN Aspen Pharmacare R303.34 -3.35% down
FSR First Rand R51.08 -2.87% down

Biggest Weekly Gain - Mediclinic (MDC)

Biggest Weekly Loss - Arcelor Mittal (ACL)

Technical Analysis

Buying Opportunities
Ticker Name Price Rating
PIK Pick n Pay R67.69 5.00 up
CFR Richemont R116.84 2.50 up
MTN MTN R190.84 2.00 up
BIL BHP Billiton R238.65 2.00 up
IPL Imperial Holdings R180.49 2.00 up
MDC Mediclinic R121.3 1.00 up
MSM Massmart R123.76 1.00 up
Selling Opportunities
Ticker Name Price Rating
REM Remgro R278.58 -5.00% down
INL Investec Limited R114.6 -5.00% down
INP Investec PLC R114.91 -5.00% down
KIO Kumba Iron Ore R77.0 -4.50% down
HAR Harmony Gold R10.25 -4.00% down
NPN Naspers R2030.62 -3.50% down
SAB SABMiller R823.6 -3.00% down
SLM Sanlam R63.96 -3.00% down
TBS Tiger Brands R327.37 -3.00% down
ABL African Bank R0.31 -3.00% down

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